Cycle Transitions Project Summary

Cycle Transitions (CT) is a youth-focused initiative that improve cycling safety in Northumberland County. We will deliver safe cycling education programs through a program called CAN-BIKE Instruction. As well, we will set up a workshop where youth will learn to repair and maintain bicycles. The workshop will be open to all cyclists, but have a focus on youth and people who don’t have the skills to repair the bike themselves, the funds to repair the bike, or access to equipment or facilities to do this.

CT will deliver Can Bike courses, one of which will certify Junior Instructors – high school aged youth who, in return for free certification, will assist in the instruction of elementary school aged children – either in after-school programs or as part of community summer camps. The youth instructors will be able to use these hours towards their high school graduation requirements.

Initial start-up funds have been provided through an Ontario Government’s Healthy Communities Funding Grant.

Click here to download a full description of the Project.

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