Donating used bikes and parts to Cycle Transitions is a great way to support our mission and to clear out your garage or basement at the same time.

Items that we find particularly helpful are:

Bicycles and Bike Parts (of course!)
A whole bike, a bike frame, or even useable bike parts are simply awesome. Useable bikes are either checked over, repaired and offered for sale at affordable prices or salvaged for parts. Bike parts are added to our inventory of second-hand parts that are also available at very affordable prices. If you’re not sure if the bikes or parts you have are reusable, feel free to drop them off anyway. Volunteers will check them out and make use of anything that we can. Any bikes, parts or tires that cannot be reused will be recycled.

We love to receive bike tools, but many other types of tools are appreciated.

Rags and old cloths
Bikes can be dirty and a supply of rags on hand is always needed.

Pickup of Donations
We understand if you just can’t get out to drop it off. Although our staff is limited, pickups of your good, useable bikes/parts may be possible by contacting

Monetary Donations
Cycle Transitions will accept monetary donations of cash or cheque made payable to Cycle Transitions.