Appointments only at Cycle Transitions

Due to the continueing measures to address the spread of COVID-19, Cycle Transitions will only be open for members by appointment only.  This way we are able to control the number of folks visiting and keep our “social distancing”.  

If you would like to work on your bike, get it ready for Spring riding, please contact us (email is the best method) about scheduling an appointment.  Dates available are Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. We still ask you to abide by the following:

  • Stay home and don’t come to CT if you’re feeling sick.  Our staff is being given the same strict instructions.
  • Please refrain from visiting the shop if you’ve been abroad.  Wait at least 14 days beforing coming in. Same for staff!
  • A.B.W. (Always Be Washing) Rule. When you arrive at CT, we will ask you to sanitize your hands (we’ll have sanitizer available as soon as we can get some) or wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before working on your bike and again after working on your bike. Our mechanics will be sanitizing or washing their hands between each customer they assist with bicycle repair.
  • Clean tools, clean stands. Since we share surface areas (tools and stands) at CT, we will wiping used tools and each stand down between members.
  • Gloves if you need them. CT will provide gloves if you’d like to use them when working on your bike. Feel free to bring your own if you have them.
  • Be Cool Be Calm Ride On. These are precautions, we are taking this seriously, and these are not reasons to panic. So keep riding and stay healthy because there has never been a better time to be on a bike.


  1. I am in desperate need of a 26 in back wheel , for a mountain bicycle. Or would love to build a new mountain bike , to get me back and forth for job searching. Mine is breaking down on me. Piece by piece. Looking forward to your response thank you Al

  2. So Rick would it be possible to come by tommorow which is Friday to see if one will work ? No one for back to myself yestwrday or I would have got a ride . If some one anyone let me know that would be wonderful. Hopefully see you tommorow thank you so much Al

  3. Please let me know if I can come by and see you on Friday.. hopefully I can get a tire for my bike thank you and please if someone can give me the okay to pop it about 3 that would be great thanks so very much Al

  4. Looking for a square taper left grey crank arm if possible Wondering if I could come by this Wednesday came off a Canadian Tire bike

    • we likely have one that fits. Come by the shop. 390 King St W.
      As of next week, we’ll only be open Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. But this week we’re still open week nights and Saturday.

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