Spring Tune-Up Time is Here

Cycle Transitions is dedicating our Saturday hours to Spring Tune-Ups!  Come on in with your bike; we’ll help you get it ready for riding around town, the lakeshore, on the trails, or up in the hills of Northumberland!

Here’s a checklist for your tune-up:IMGP4346

  • clean the bike – especially rims (for braking) and drive-train (chain, cassette, derailleurs)
  • check the cables – brake and gear – to see that they are moving easily through the housing, adjusted properly and not frayed
  • check wheels/tires – are the wheels true, the spokes tight? Is the tire free of splits/cracks, has tread, is pumped to full inflation?
  • lubricate chain, derailleurs, brake pivot points
  • check that the seat is secure, the frame has not been damaged.


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