Cycling Refresher Course for Adults

If you used to enjoy riding your bike but haven’t been on it for a while and would like to brush up on your skills and gain confidence , this course is for you! Led by certified Can Bike instructors, we will cover how to perform a safety check on your bike, helmet fit, traffic principles, handling skills, and riding practice.  ‎Preregistration is required by Sunday, April 19th.
Dates:‎. Thursday, April 23 10:00 am to noon
Friday, April 24th 1:00 to 2:00
Saturday, April 25th 1:30 to 3:30
Location:  Cycle Transitions, 739 D’Arcy Street. Cobourg, entrance at back (west side) of building. CT is across the street from the CCC.
Cost:  $15 per participant for the series
Volunteer: Maria Garrett

Volunteer: Maria Garrett

Bring your bike (must be in working condition), helmet, drink, and a snack (optional).  If you need to repair or tune your bike before the sessions, consider coming in to work on the bike at Cycle Transitions.  Annual membership fee is $30 for an individual, $50 for a family.  Or pay $5/hour for the use of a work station.  A mechanic is available for assistance or tutoring.

Dress for the weather, but if the conditions don’t permit outdoor riding, Cycle Transitions has indoor space we can practice in.
Contact: Maria Siemiaszko
                     905 396 4540 call or text

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