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Cycle Transitions (CT) is a volunteer-run organization, where people like you directly help to create better access to cycling in Cobourg! 
Do you like:

  • Meeting and working with others?
  • Tackling puzzles and innovating creative solutions?
  • Teaching and sharing new skills with others?
  • Making your local cycling community stronger with your own two hands?

Consider volunteering at Cycle Transitions! It’s a great, vibrant community, offering opportunities to build real-world skills as you teach and learn with members.

Current Opportunities

  • Teacher Mechanic
    We’re looking for volunteers (especially women) who are interested in learning to be teacher mechanics, and committed to spend 3 hours for a session or two a month working with community members on their bike projects. Advanced bike mechanic knowledge isn’t necessary, but a willingness to learn & share your knowledge is! Email for more info.
  • Administration Volunteer
    We need individuals who can do basic administration work and keep our shop organized when we’re open. You’ll be tracking who is coming in, dealing with any sales transactions, taking phone calls and messages, opening and closing the facilities. Email for more info.
  • General Bike Volunteer
    We need individuals who can do various tasks. If you have some bicycle repair skills or are keen to learn, you can participate in refurbishing bikes. If you just don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can clean donated bikes or tear down bikes for parts. We always need help in organizing our parts bins and tools.

Other ways to offer support

  • Drop-in help for organizing and cleaning the shop. Got an hour? We always have parts to sort and things to clean. These are small tasks that go a long way to keeping the shop running smoothly for everyone!
  • Dump/Scrap metal drop-offs. Put your motorized vehicle to good use! We frequently have quantities of things to go to the dump or recycling facility. Send us an email to see where the current load needs to go.
  • Donated Bikes/Parts/Tools. Support Cycle Transitions with materials rather than time! We appreciate the donation of any functional bikes, parts or tools- please no overly rusty or damaged things though.
  • Creative talents. Do you have a cool idea for some CT swag? Can you make buttons? Design or print T-shirts? Paint signs? Express yourself for a great cause!
  • Do you have any other skills or interests that you think would benefit CT? Let us know!


Let's get started! Here's the process:

  1. Membership All volunteers require a membership to the shop.
  2. Optional  People interested in volunteering are encouraged to come by the shop and use it as a member first, working on a bike of their own. This gives you a chance to become familiar with the way the shop works, the people who use the space, and how the volunteers teach before you commit to investing your time. It also gives us a chance to get to know you.
  3. Apply  When filling out a membership form, individuals can add to the form such information as the type of volunteering of interest, when and how often. If already a member, individuals can let one of the admin folks know (on duty each opening session).
  4. Orientation  Volunteer candidates will be invited to a volunteer orientation/training session, held monthly.

I'm ready to get the ball rolling and volunteer!

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Our Volunteers

Below are just a few of the volunteers who make it happen. Just click on any of their names to see a little bio!

How did you get interested in cycling? I cycled a lot as a pre-teen and teenager. I got interested as an adult first as part of fitness training for paddling and then the founding of the NHCC and the opportunity to ride with a group re-kindled my interest.
Your favourite ride: My favourite ride is to Wicklow Beach if I want a flat ride and to Harwood and Gore’s Landing if I feel like hills.
Your role at CT: I am co-manager of Cycle Transitions, as well as volunteering as a mechanic and CAN-BIKE instructor.

How did you get interested in cycling? My son, Brett, convinced me to start riding my bike to work 4 years ago, it was a 6 km ride that I never imagined I could do. The more I rode, the better I felt, the better I feel, the more I ride, so on & so on.
Your favourite ride: My favourite ride so far is a ride I did 2 yrs ago to celebrate my 50th birthday, the idea came from my friend Jamie Barnes, I rode 96 k+(or 50 +miles)that day, it was a huge accomplishment for me. This year my goal is to ride around Lake Ontario, a distance of 940 km, didn’t think I should wait until I’m 94 to do this one.
Your role at CT: I am an admin. volunteer, hoping to learn some of the mechanic side.


How did you get into cycling? When I was growing up if you didn’t cycle or walk you didn’t get very far.
Your favourite ride: To date my favourite ride was Cobourg to Montreal.
Your role at CT: I was one of 3 people who volunteered to get CT up and running. The others were Rick Nonnekes who was the driving force behind it and Paul Mills.


How did you get into cycling? I’ve been cycling since my youth in Montreal. I rode everywhere in the city in the 1950’s – even had a telegram delivery job! I’m a great fan of the Reseau Vert which I used regularly, and would love to have a network like that around here.
Your favourite ride: My favourite ride is St. Theodore de Chertsey (in the Laurentians 80 Km) to Montreal – six hours downhill – with five of my friends when I was thirteen.
Your role at CT: My role is with Admin and in the shop upgrading my mechanic’s skills.


How did you get interested in cycling? I have been interested in cycling all my life. I have been riding since the mid 1950’s. I rode my first race in 1958.
Your favourite ride: I just like to ride. I usually ride east from Cobourg along the lakeshore, at Wicklow beach go north and east to the Big Apple and return along the Lakeshore. 50Km and a little climbing.
Your role at CT: Mechanic

Anita Macklin

How did you get interested in cycling? I met Randy! He suggested I might like riding a bike and convinced me to join a bike club.  One thing led to another, and next thing you know we started a new bike club, took some CanBike safety training and started doing long-distance tours. Never looked back!
Your favourite ride: Every ride is super, especially with friends.
Your role at CT: I look after the website! I'll also pitch in as needed.

Rick Nonnekes

How did you get interested in cycling? I’ve always been interested in cycling. My bike was my “wheels” growing up; it meant freedom! I learned how to tear down my bike each year, paint it a new colour and get it in good working order. Now, in addition to the pleasure of cycling, I’m convinced it’s necessary for us to get out of our carbon-emitting vehicles and onto the clean one!
Your favourite ride: My favourite ride is any one that starts or finishes through Cornish Hollow — it’s such beautiful stretch of country road!
Your role at CT: I’m the manager of CT, meaning “head gopher”. I’m amazed at the dedication and enthusiasm of our 25+ volunteers!

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