Time To Prep Your Bicycle For Winter Storage

With weather getting colder and snow not so far off, it’s time to get your summer bike ready for storage over the winter. We at Cycle Transitions are able to assist you with this; just bring in the bike to the shop on a Tuesday evening or Saturday morning and we’ll lead you through the process.

003If you can’t make it in to the shop, here are some tips for doing this at home:

  • clean your bike
  • while you’re cleaning, inspect the frame for cracks, check the brake pads and tires for wear, the wheel for trueness and/or broken spokes
  • inflate the tires (yes – inflate)
  • lubricate the cables, clean and lubricate the chain
  • if you are storing the bike in an unheated garage or shed, put a thin film of rust-proofing lubricant on all steel parts
  • hang the bike so no weight is on the tires
  • ensure that the bike is not exposed to direct sunlight as the UV rays will cause deterioration of paint, carbon, tires.

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