Northumberland County Transportation Master Plan Survey

The County of Northumberland is embarking on the development of a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) which will be a guide to County Council and staff in determining how to improve the County’s transportation services. This will serve as a long-range planning document that will assist decision makers in establishing and prioritizing the future needs of the Transportation infrastructure. The TMP is anticipated to include policies, guidelines and an implementation strategy which will assist the Council in addressing major transportation issues in order to manage the current and future transportation system needs of an integrated framework of County roads, highways and local roads over a multi-year planning horizon (i.e., 10, 20, 30 and 50 year). In consideration with the County’s rural and urban character, the TMP is to provide direction on policies, services and infrastructure that should be implemented to address community values, desires and mobility needs in an effective manner.

Because of the significant long-term social and economic impacts the transportation management solutions could have on the residents and businesses of the County, the Transportation Division is seeking the public’s feedback and buy-in into the development of this TMP through the creation of an Advisory Committee.

Cycling_Northumberlands_RollingHillsPlease take a few minutes to fill out an on-line survey – it gives us and other users of the transportation network an opportunity to provide feedback.

We strongly recommend that you complete this survey. Let’s make sure the county knows there is a strong and committed group of cyclists out there using county roads.
Here is the link:

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