Interested in a Challange? Check out the Oak Ridges Moraine Adventure Relay

The Oak Ridges Moraine Adventure Relay is being offered for the tenth year in a row. An enthusiastic team of volunteers has already started to plan one of the largest events of its kind in Ontario that annually engages 500 canoeists, runners and trail cyclists covering 160 km of beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine trail. The big event is on Saturday, June 11th. They are looking for Ontario residents to create and register recreational, corporate or elite teams.

Many teams are formed from neighbours and friends in communities all across the Moraine, as well as further afield. Consider starting your own team to compete in this exciting event. The Relay course is point-to-point from Gore’s Landing on Rice Lake in the east, stretching 160km westward to King City. The course is divided into 14 Relay stages of varying distances consisting of water, road and trail portions. Refreshments will be provided at the check points that link stages. With the exception of the 2-person canoe stage, one team member will complete each stage; however, an individual may do multiple stages. Thus, teams may consist of up to 15 members. Participating in the Relay is a great team-building exercise, and also emphasizes the importance of physical activity to overall health. The Relay is the major annual fund raiser for the Oak Ridges Trail Association, with proceeds from team entries and sponsorships going towards improved signage, parking lots, boardwalks and maintenance equipment used to keep the trail clear and safe for all users. The event price is $500 per team (consisting of up to 15 participants), or $550 if registering after April 30th. The exception is for corporate-sponsored teams which are $2000.

If you’re not up to competing, you could become a Relay volunteer at one of the 15 checkpoints along the trail to record in and out times, supply refreshments and advice, take photos, and cheer on the competitors!

To find out more, check out the Adventure Relay website, and follow us on Facebook: ‘Moraine Adventure Relay June 11, 2016’, For more information on registering for the Relay or volunteering for the event, call Michele at 905-833-6600 or 1-877-319-0285 or email us at: .

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